Waialae Country Club True Golf ClassicsI love old, classic video games. Being a golfing nut, I love old golf video games! We are going to review two similarly named games here. We have the Waialae Country Club: True Golf Classics game (we’ll call it WCC from here on out), and we will look at True Golf Classics: Waialae Country Club (TGC from now on). It’s confusing, right? Both of these games are retro and bring me back to when it was fun to play a video game, so they both deserve some attention.

WCC was made by T&E Soft for the Nintendo 64 way back (lol) in 1998. It was the second game released by T&E. It’s setting is at none other than the famous Waialae Country Club course in Honolulu, Hawaii. The course itself is absolutely stunning and beautiful with the ocean in view and the magnificent rock formations. It is the perfect backdrop for a real game of golf, so of course it is ideal for a video version of the sport as well. Before WCC, T&E had made one other golfing game for the Nintendo 64 (Masters ’98 Haruka Naru Augusta), but that game was for Japan only. Masters and WCC are extremely similar, but they play on different courses.

WCC was actually the first N64 golf game. You could play as one of 10 different characters, and they were fully customizable. You can alter their power, ability to play in the wind, putting and recovery. You could choose whether you want a spin, draw or fade, and you can select how hard you want to hit the ball. There are 6 modes of playing it, anywhere from practice to tournament golf. Up to 4 different players can play at one time, and the N64 actually saved your data to determine your handicap. Waialae Country Club is/was a really fun throwback game that I still like to play from time to time. You can find it today online for just a few bucks, and it’s definitely worth getting at such a bargain.

TGC is another golf video game that was released by T&E Soft. It came out back in 1991 for the Super NES. It was touted as being a 3D gold simulation that gave realistic feel and looks. Based on other options back in 1991, it was actually really good looking. Also based upon the Waialae Country Club in Hawaii, TGC was only released in Japan. This became a part of T&E’s True Golf series that they continued for many years.

With TGC your options are much more limited, as this was a very early/classic golf game that was developed for a limited system (in comparison to the Nintendo 64). You could choose your golfer and your caddy. Of course you could also choose a club set and alter the settings for your preference. As with WCC, you can pick up the True Golf Classics: Waialae Country Club for just a few dollars online from sites such as Amazon or eBay. For just a few dollars, it’s definitely a lot of fun for your money.

So there are our reviews of two really old golf games for the N64 and the Super NES. If you have any thoughts or opinions of them, or want to tell us your stories of playing wither one, we would love to hear from you. You’re invited to leave a comment in the box below.

Waialae Country Club – True Golf Classics (Nintendo 64)