golden tee golf live 2015If you have never played Golden Tee Golf, and you enjoy the sport, you are in for a real treat. Me and a friend of mine are ridiculously addicted and competitive over this video game. When we go out with the wives, we usually always talk them into going to a particular bar that has the game. They sit around and gossip (while pretending to not be mad at us) while we play in the corner. If someone is on the arcade machine we will literally stare at them until they get off of it. When it’s time to play, we will do whatever it takes to beat each other. This is hands down the greatest golf video game that I have ever played.

Golden Tee was created by Incredible Technologies back in 1989. It was originally built as a simple full sized arcade machine. It now comes in many different varieties including a relatively cheap home version, an arcade version that is connected to other players through the internet, and at least 33 different versions throughout the years. Since 1989, they have made at least 1 new version of the game every year (except from 1991 to 1994). The latest version is Golden Tee Live 2015 and Golden Tee Home Edition 2015.

This golfing arcade machine game is so popular that there are actually tournaments for it from around the world. Since the full version is connected to the internet, your scores can be shared globally. At the end of every game your score is loaded into the company’s database where it can be compared to other players. Even “way back” in 2003, the tournaments were so wildly popular that some players were able to make a living off of playing it.

I recently read an old article from the USA Today in 2003 that talked about one professional Golden Tee player. Steven Sobe was a pro video game player back then that went on the GT trail for money. He was considered the “Tiger Woods” of golf video games. In his first five years of playing he racked up an impressive $150,000 in winnings. He was so good at it that he won the national championship title three years in a row and was even featured in an article in Sports Illustrated magazine.

That tradition of competitive play continues today, and it may be getting even more popular. One feature that I love about it, and that makes my friend and I do everything we can to get that “magical shot”, is that it’s possible to do something so great that it’s put on YouTube! I personally have 7 YouTube videos on my account. The last one was from a 200+ yard shot where I hooked the ball to land perfectly on the green and roll right into the hole. It was amazing! While my friend was pissed at my greatness, the arcade machine announced that I was awesome by giving me a bunch of special points, and it then asked for my email to send me a link. I got the email, followed the instructions, and minutes later the video of my great shot was live on YouTube for me to show the world. That is just incredible! Whenever my friends brag about how great their game is I just show them my Golden Tee YouTube channel. Yes sir, I am the best golfer ever (according to this video machine)!

golden tee golf home versionOne of the newest creations of the company is the home versions of the game. They are really cheap and easy to afford. It may be hard to find one at your brick and mortar store, buy I just found them for sale online for only $15 or so. They’re pretty simple. You just load it up with batteries, plug it into your TV, and the next thing you know you will be playing Golden Tee from your couch! It has the same (although cheaper version) trac ball that you have come accustomed to at your arcade. Since you use the television that you already own, this is a very inexpensive way to bring the arcade to your house, work, or wherever you want to play it. Of course nothing will match the look and feel of the real arcade, but for less than $20 you can practice from your bed. Another negative is that it only comes with 3 courses, but the upside is that 4 of you can play on it at the same time. The online reviews for it are also very positive, and it’s just hard to complain very much about the game because the price is just so ang cheap! Our final review of the Golden Tee Golf home video game is that it’s a ridiculous bargain. Just go buy one!

Another option, if you are a big “baller”, is to go ahead and buy the real arcade machine to place in your home or office! Heck, if you do that please reach out to me so that we can be friends. If you have the $10k + laying around for it, and can wait for a month for it to be shipped to you (another $1k), I say go for it! Another option is to buy the Golden Tee 2015 offline pedestal model for home use. This one is built pretty much the same as the full arcade model, but you use your own TV to plug it into. This will set you back around $4,00, but you still aren’t online as in the Live model. Another option, which is actually fairly reasonable, id to buy an older version of the arcade machine online. I just took a look on Amazon and say several that are worth looking at. There was one older multi-arcade machine that has several other games that will cost you $3k. Better yet, you can buy the full Golden Tee Golf 2005 on Amazon right now for only $1,700. It may be a little bit outdated, but who cares? I know it would look really nice in my game room!

I just can’t speak highly enough of this game. It has everything that a golfer wants in a video game. It really is the next best thing to being out on the course, and sometimes it’s even better. Just take a look at the video below to get an idea.


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