ea sports pga tour 15Yes sir, the latest version of the game is due to arrive in the Spring of 2015. This is the EA Sports PGA Tour 15, and millions of fans can’t wait for its release! We will update this review article later in the year when it arrives to fill you in with a full review, any cheats and hacks that we find, and a complete analysis of the game. This is the first version of the PGA Tour golfing video game to be released without the famous/infamous Tiger Woods on the label, and we are really excited about it! Let’s share what we know so far:

The 2015 PGA Tour does not have a hard release date yet. All we know is that the company wants it on the shelves sometime in the Spring. Does that mean around March or April? Could it be pushed back to later in the year? We hope not, but it’s just too soon to know for sure.

The biggest improvement of the 15 version over the 14 (and earlier ones) is that there is no load time in between holes! Do you remember waiting 30 seconds, or a lot longer, between each hole while the game loaded the graphics for the next one? Those days are gone! EA estimates that this will reduce your game time by 10 to 15 minutes for 18 rounds. I think they may be underestimating that. The pause between the rounds dove me nuts. It just made it feel more like a “game” instead of really playing. In real life we don’t just hang around in pause mode and then wake up at the next tee. The company hit it right on the head with this one. This is a huge upgrade over previous versions. They claim that their new Frostbite 3 technology makes this possible.

The whole course has opened up! Let’s say that you are playing on hole number 3. Now you can see and interact with hole number 6, for example. SO if you find a shortcut to the green by playing through hole 6, even though you’re on hole 3, you can go for it. It’s a bit complicated but the net effect is that it feels more like real life. You can look and go through any part of the course at any time. You’re just no longer limited to viewing/playing only with the hole that you’re on. When you combine this with no load times, the game just got a whole lot more realistic.

Using their advanced Frostbite 3 technology, the environment is going to become a lot more realistic. The outdoors is going to actually look like the outdoors. You will almost be able to fel the breeze blowing by you. There will be a ton of courses, as usual, and there will be a lot of fantasy golf courses to play on. For example, with this new PGA Tour video game you can actually play on a map from the Battlefield game- Paracel Storm! You get to play right up against a burning and sinking navy ship. You even get to knock a ball off of the ship and onto the green as a trick shot. It’s really the ultimate in fantasy for us golfing weirdos.

If you were expecting a Tiger Woods 15, you’re out of luck as EA and Tiger Woods called it quits. The good news for us is that EA can now spend more money into actually developing the game. TW 14 was very glitchy and full of bugs. Since they are no longer paying millions to Tiger to put his face on the game, we’re really hopeful that they spend more on testing and design!

As with previous versions of the EA Sports PGA Tour, this will be available on the PS4 and Xbox One. We’re not sure yet if there will be a PC version of the game, but we’re hopeful.

Please remember to bookmark this game and visit us again later in the year after it is released. We will have a thorough review and all of the hacks and cheats that we can find for it. If you have any thoughts on it yourself, we welcome your feedback.

EA SPORTS PGA TOUR | Official Trailer | E3 2014