Mario Golf 64

mario kart 64

If you are a fan of retro games, and a golfer, Mario Golf 64 is the ultimate in entertainment for you! Designed for the Nintendo 64 (N64), this is the first in the Mario Golf series. It was originally released in 1999 (it’s scary how time flies!), and it was designed by Camelot Software Planning. This is also the very first game in the Mario Sports line, followed by Mario Tennis and many others. This golf video came uses hazards and characters that come from the Mario universe. It has many modes that you can… Continue reading…

Waialae Country Club: True Golf Classic

Waialae Country Club True Golf Classics

I love old, classic video games. Being a golfing nut, I love old golf video games! We are going to review two similarly named games here. We have the Waialae Country Club: True Golf Classics game (we’ll call it WCC from here on out), and we will look at True Golf Classics: Waialae Country Club (TGC from now on). It’s confusing, right? Both of these games are retro and bring me back to when it was fun to play a video game, so they both deserve some attention. WCC was made by T&E Soft for… Continue reading…

EA Sports PGA Tour 15

ea sports pga tour 15

Yes sir, the latest version of the game is due to arrive in the Spring of 2015. This is the EA Sports PGA Tour 15, and millions of fans can’t wait for its release! We will update this review article later in the year when it arrives to fill you in with a full review, any cheats and hacks that we find, and a complete analysis of the game. This is the first version of the PGA Tour golfing video game to be released without the famous/infamous Tiger Woods on the label, and we are… Continue reading…

EA Sports PGA Tour King Of The Course

ea sports pga tour king of the course

This is a review of one of my favorite new golf games for mobile devices. If you haven’t played the new phone game by EA Sports called PGA Tour King Of The Course, you should. What’s amazing is that it’s completely free to play. It’s available for iPhones, iPads and  Androids. It’s available for free download on Google Play and the App Store. Did I mention that this is a free golf video game for your cellphone? As in FREE? Like all “free to play” phone games, they make their money by offering you perks for sale.… Continue reading…

Golden Tee

golden tee golf live 2015

If you have never played Golden Tee Golf, and you enjoy the sport, you are in for a real treat. Me and a friend of mine are ridiculously addicted and competitive over this video game. When we go out with the wives, we usually always talk them into going to a particular bar that has the game. They sit around and gossip (while pretending to not be mad at us) while we play in the corner. If someone is on the arcade machine we will literally stare at them until they get off of it.… Continue reading…

Whether you’re from the Pac-Man generation, or the or the Call of Duty generation, many of us love to play video games. If you are a golfer, and going online is something you like to do, there are dozens of amazing golf video games that you can enjoy now. From Tiger Woods on the PS3 to the arcade machine at your local pub, you can virtually hit the white ball 24 hour a day, regardless of how the weather i doing outside. Even if playing game on a screen is not something that you tend to do, there are now large screen “games” that are being used to help you improve your game, and you even get to swing your own clubs on the virtual course.

We have done the best we can at to cover and review all of the greatest golfing video games that we could find. If you know of any other golf games that we have not discussed, please do us a favor and contact us about it. We would love to find a new game to talk about, and we really appreciate your help! Before you try to tell us about a game that is missing though, please search on the site for an article about it by using the search bar that is located in the top right side of your screen. By doing so, you just may find an article that reviews your favorite golf video game.

In the meantime, if you’re still reading this page, let’s talk about the very first golfing game:


“What Was The First Golf Video Game?”

Believe it or not, the first video game about golfing was just called “Computer Golf”. It was released in 1979 (wow!) for the console system by Magnavox (the Odyssey 2). It allowed anywhere from 1 to 4 players to play on it at the same time. It was actually released on the same year as my favorite game for the Odyssey- Alpine Skiing!

The instructions that were included with the game called it an extremely realistic 9 hole electronic golf course. Was it realistic? No! Then again, it was the first one, so I guess you could call it realistic/the best, but that would be a stretch. If you have ever played the Atari 2600 golf game, you can compare this one by saying that the Magnavox version is similar yet with no hazards, worse graphics and a slower game play. In all honesty, it’s pretty much horrible, but it was the first one!

If you’re into really early games though (like old golf video games), it’s worth it to at least play it once. The hilarious part of it is that you have to drag your player across the screen to find the ball, after every shot. It’s dull, slow, boring, hard to look at, and made of bad game play. But it was the first!