By definition, a professional golfer plays the game for money. They are also known as tournament professionals. He, or she, joins golf tournaments that are played around the world in order to compete against other pros for cash, usually in tournaments such as the PGA series. There is another type of pro though that teaches the game for a living. This type of professional takes on students to earn a living. He is a craftsman of the sport that not only has it mastered (relative to 99.99% of us), but he also has the ability to help you into making your game better. We will talk about both of these skilled golfers, the professional that plays for cash and the pro that earns money for teaching others.

We have a lot of articles on Chip For Par that covers every conceivable concept of professional golfers. You can ind them by going to the links located in the right column or the images above. If you are still reading this though, let’s talk about how much golf pros make through endorsements.


“How Much Does a Pro Golfer Earn Through Endorsement Deals?”

Touring golf pros that travel the circuits (in particular the PGA and the WPGA) can make a large sum of money from playing the game. Believe it or not though, they can actually earn a lot more from endorsements. Yes, they can make more money from wearing certain clothing or using certain clubs than they can make in tournament winnings.

Why would companies pay golfers to advertise their brands? The question actually gives the answer- these pros are walking, talking, and playing advertisements. When they wear their Nike hats, use their Ping clubs, and hit their Pinnacle balls, they are conveying a message. That message is something along the lines of, “Tiger Woods is amazing. I want to be amazing. If I wear Nike on the course I will be amazing just like Tiger Woods!” That advertising message conveyed by professional golfers is broadcast to the masses via television, magazines, newspapers and online golf sites. The masses absorb this message and buy the goods. The manufacturers sell more goods, they make a killing, and they are happy to pay the pro for being a part of the process. In other words, companies will pay the touring pros to endorse their brands because they make money off of them in the process!

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Just how much can a golfer that plays for a living make in these deals? Let’s use Tiger Woods as an example. Before his fall from fame, Tiger was endorsing many companies such as Nike. He was a part of the extremely popular and successful video game that used his name. He was getting paid left and right from every company that could talk him into a deal. When Tiger was only 20 years old, he signed one 5 year deal with Nike for a contract extension that earned him $105 million. That’s one deal, with one company, that paid the golf pro over $100 million!

A golf pro can literally make millions of dollars from endorsing companies and using their brands. If they are good enough, and get enough exposure, they can literally become billionaires (such as Tiger).