When we go to play a round, the closest we get to any type of extreme or dangerous golfing is when one of us has a few too many and can’t stay on the cart path! But did you know that there are some courses that are so extreme, so dangerous, that golfers actually die on them? None of us nuts in our little golf troupe would ever risk more than a few bucks on the links, but there are some daredevils out there that are willing to risk life and limb for the game. Let’s take a look at some of these extremely dangerous courses that you can play in 2015, if you’re crazy enough!


lost city golf courseOne of the craziest golf courses can be found in South Africa at the Lost City Golf Course in Sun City. It’s a beautiful place that gives you the chance to play a round while gazing at the African wilderness. The view is stunning, and the course is extremely well maintained. The only problem you may have on it is the Nile crocodiles! In particular, the 13th hole has a pong that is completely full of the man eaters. Before you think that these are tame beats that are just for show, think again! More than a few golfers have been attacked here. Anyone that has been near crocodiles will tell you that are not to be taken lightly. I guess that this is one splash zone that you may want to not go looking for your ball at.


merapi golf course indonesiaHow about Merapi in Indonesia? If the thought of golfing at the base of an extremely active volcano doesn’t scare you, you may just be the nuttiest golfer I’ve ever met? This one is literally set at the base of the Merapi volcano. This isn’t just any old sleepy giant. Merapi has smoke coming out of it roughly 300 days of the year. It likes to erupt frequently too. The most recent eruption was just in 2010. Maybe the thought of molten lava rolling at you on the green doesn’t bother you, but you wouldn’t catch me within a dozen miles of any active volcano!


Cape Kidnappers new zealandIf the thought of playing on the edge of four hundred cliffs doesn’t bother you, then you should check out the Cape Kidnappers course in New Zealand. Seeing how I’m afraid of heights, you’ll never catch me there! Designed by Tom Doak, it’s open to the public, as long as you can afford the $370 green fees. The terrain extreme to say the least. The course is laid out on the edge of the Pacific, where the greens are just feet away from 400 foot dropoffs. If your chip goes a little long, your ball is sailing down to the ocean. Thanks, but no thanks!


Legend Golf & Safari ResortIf flying a helicopter to get to the tee box is something that doesn’t scare you, maybe you should visit the Legend Golf & Safari Resort located in South Africa. It’s a beautiful place to play a round. The scenery is amazing. It’s well maintained. The staff is helpful and friendly. And then there is the newly added 19th hole. The par three is designed to look just like the continent itself. The only problem is that you have to fly in a helicopter to take your first shot! The tee box is located 400 vertical yards above the green. They won’t allow you to climb the mountain by foot, so if you’re going to give it a shot you will have to fly.


If you have any more extreme or dangerous golf courses that we can play, feel free to drop a comment below. We will add to this list when we can, but we would love to get some suggestions from you!


Helicopter Adventure Flight Part 3 – The Legend Golf & Safari Resort – Entabeni – South Africa