I have yet to play a game in the Southern Hemisphere, but that won’t stop me from wondering what are the best golf courses in Australia that the public can play in 2015. We actually got really close to moving there around a dozen or more years ago. My wife is a nurse, and she got a heck of an offer to work in Perth. I did my best to talk her into it, and having all of us pack up for the move. As hard as I tried though, there was no way to break her away from her momma. But I will get down under before I die, and I will play an Australian course when I make it.

So if none of us nuts in our little golf pack have ever been there, much less played on the links down there, how in the heck are we going to figure out the best golf courses? As with just about everything in life nowadays, we just Googled it! We actually did a whole lot of reading and a bit of talking to a few guys that were lucky enough to play there. We’ll throw out our opinions here, based on what we’ve learned, but we would love to get some feedback from you guys! If you’ve had the chance to play in the outback (sorry for all of the Aussie puns), please drop us a comment and share your wisdom. We would truly appreciate it, and so would people that find there way here.

With all of that preamble said, here are the courses in Australia that really caught our attention, based on the reviews and thoughts of those that have played them:


royal melbourne golf courseRoyal Melbourne Golf Club West & East- The address is Cheltenham Road, Black Rock 3193 VIC. You can reach the clubhouse at (03) 9599 0500. Unfortunately this is a private club for members, but if you meet the right friend you can play it as an invited guest. This has been an exclusive club that has been operating for more than 100 years. It is highly regarded and universally considered to be the best course in Australia. They have a very strict dress code. West was designed by Alister MacKenzie, and East was created by Alex Russell. In 2011 it was the home of the famous President’s Cup. Both are a par 72. West is 6,077 meters long. East is 6,007 meters long.


ellerston golf course australiaEllerston Golf Club- Built for the mogul Kerry Packer by Greg Norman, Ellerston is considered by many to be one of the top one hundred courses in the world. The only problem is that hardly anyone can play it because it is primarily used by the Packer family. Norman’s course opened in 2001, and he designed it to force the golfer into thinking about his position on every shot. The backdrop for it is some 90,000 acres just outside of Hunter! According to a review by a few players that were lucky enough to play at Ellerston, every blade of grass is manicured. Thy claim that the huge staff required to maintain it is staggering. Before Kerry Packer died, he would invite business associates to Ellerston just to intimidate them.


New South Wales Golf Club australiaNew South Wales Golf Club- The address is Botany Bay National Park, La Perouse 2036 NSW. You can reach the clubhouse by phone at (02) 9661 4455. This is a true links style course. It’s set right on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, and is famous for its dramatic elevations with the area’s hills and valleys along the coastline. They have hosted many professional tournaments including the PGA Championship and the Australian Open. It has 18 holes and is a par 72. The total length is 6,245 meters. New South Wales was designed by Eric Apperly and Alister Mc Kenzie.


We’ll leave this list of the best courses in Australia as of 2015 right where it stands for now. There is plenty of room to add on to it, so feel free to let us know what you think. Have we included any that should be taken off of it? Are there others that you have played, that deserve to be mentioned?


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