Extreme & Dangerous

lost city golf course

When we go to play a round, the closest we get to any type of extreme or dangerous golfing is when one of us has a few too many and can’t stay on the cart path! But did you know that there are some courses that are so extreme, so dangerous, that golfers actually die on them? None of us nuts in our little golf troupe would ever risk more than a few bucks on the links, but there are some daredevils out there that are willing to risk life and limb for the game.… Continue reading…

Best In Australia

royal melbourne golf course

I have yet to play a game in the Southern Hemisphere, but that won’t stop me from wondering what are the best golf courses in Australia that the public can play in 2015. We actually got really close to moving there around a dozen or more years ago. My wife is a nurse, and she got a heck of an offer to work in Perth. I did my best to talk her into it, and having all of us pack up for the move. As hard as I tried though, there was no way to… Continue reading…

Par 3

par 3 golf course

If you’re old and feeble like me, you will love to play par 3 golf courses. If you can hit your 7 iron farther than your driver, you will love a par three course. If you just like sticking a green within one shot, you will love them. In other words, if you enjoy the art and finesse of your short range game, you should give a par 3 course a try! On your typical par 72 golf course, you will usually have a total of four par threes. There are usually two on the… Continue reading…

Shadow Creek

shadow creek golf course

As one of the most expensive public golf courses in the world, the Shadow Creek course in North Las Vegas, Nevada is consistently rated as one of the greatest places to play every year. At an average green fee of $500 (which is just half of its originally intended price), you can expect to hand out some greenbacks to play it. Is it worth that crazy green fee? How do you get to play it? What can you expect from playing Shadow Creek? Good questions! Shadow Creek is just a twenty minute drive from the Strip… Continue reading…

Top 10 Florida Public Courses

tpc sawgrass golf course

I have played many of the best public golf courses in Florida, but I could spend the next decade trying to play a round on all of them. When it comes to the game of golf, Floridians are some of the luckiest people in the world! For most of you, all it takes is a 30 minute drive (or less) to be playing on a world class course. Better yet, most of the great golf courses in FL are open to the public! Yes sir (and mam), I am extremely jealous of you! When coming… Continue reading…

From The Old Course in Scotland, to the dozens of modern PGA courses in the United States, golfers can now play at thousands of courses around the world. Whether it be public, semi-private or private courses, the choices today are almost endless. With enough of a budget, the only person stopping you from playing the same course as Tiger Woods is you! We will explore many of the courses, on all of the continents across the globe, and take a virtual tour of the classics, moderns, and almost “fantasy” courses.

We have a lot of information on ChipForPar.com about courses around the world. If you would like more information on any particular one, just click on the links to the right under the category, or on the pictures above for a lot more information. If you are still reading this, let’s talk about some of the most famous golf course designers, and a brief history of the courses that they have designed/built.


“The Most Famous Golf Course Designers”

There are many designers that have developed some of the greatest courses around the world, but there are a few that really stand out from the crowd. Let’s discuss the famous/greatest designers. These great golf course architects have gone above in beyond to give us some o the best courses in the world.

  1. Tom Doak- The master behind what is considered to be the best public access links in the world (rated higher than Pebble Beach, Doak designed Pacific Dunes to be unlike any other course. Some of the innovative features includes back to back par 3’s, and only two par 4 holes on the back 9.
  2. Bill Core/ Ben Crenshaw- This designer team created both the Sand Hills Golf Club located in Nebraska and the Streamsong Red located in Florida. They design with a minimalist philosophy that encourages to use the land as it is, and build the links to fit into it.
  3. Tom Fazio- Considered to be Fazio’s best achievement, Shadow Creek is his masterpiece that is open to the public. The only condition is that you have to stay at an MGM property to play on it, and there is a $500 green fee.
  4. Pete Dye- Dye is the architect of many beautiful gold courses including Stadium Course at PGA West, Whistling Straits, the Ocean Course at Kiawah and the Players Stadium Course at TPC Strawgrass. His links are known to be punishing and brutal, even for professional golfers.
  5. Jack Nicklaus- The great Golden Bear himself, Nicklaus is one of the most prolific designers with over 270 designs under his belt. He was criticized for the difficulty of some of his earlier designs, but he has several that stand out from the pack. The sheer volume of his links is impressive.
  6. Doctor Alister MacKenzie- Among his masterful creations are three of the best golf courses in the world- Augusta National, Cypress Point Club, and the Royal Melbourne.
  7. Donald Ross- Having designed over 400 links around the world, Ross is one of the few architects that is more prolific than Nicklaus. His most famous designs include Pinehurst No. 2, the Seminole Golf Club and Oak Hill Country Club.
  8. David Kidd- A well regarded Scottish links architect, Kidd is most well known for Brandon Dunes in Oregon. Located right on the Pacific coastline, Brandon Dunes is loved by thousands for its amazing scenic views.
  9. Jim Engh- His most beloved pieces of golfing art are The Golf Club at Redlands Mesa and The Golf Club at Black Rock. Located in Colorado and Idaho, they have gained fans from around the world.
  10. A.W. Tillinghast- As the prolific designer of over 250 golf courses, A.W. has created many classics including Black Course at Bethpage State Park, Baltusrol Golf Club, and Quaker Ridge Golf Club.