golf driver

I hate to admit it, but the most important golf club in your bag is probably the driver. Why are drivers the most important? Because if you can’t drive the ball far and accurately, you will probably not feel positive about the rest of your game. If you have no confidence, it’s very likely that your game will fall apart. In other words, if you can hit your first shot long and straight down the fairway, you will feel like you can score well, and that positive reinforcement will very likely help you to play… Continue reading…


pitching wedge

When you are approaching the green, the set of golf clubs that will make you feel really goof (or really bad) are your wedges. While age has made much of my game much weaker, my saving grace is my putting and my wedge shots. If I can get it within 100 yards of the green anywhere near regulation, I’m pretty confident that I can par it. There’s a certain skill with your wedge/approach shots that requires extreme accuracy to place the ball exactly where you want it, and to control what happens to the ball… Continue reading…


golf irons

There was a time when I could hit all of my golf club irons with confidence. 220 yards out? Need to keep it low to the ground to avoid the overhanging tree branch in my way of the green? No problem! I’ll whack that 2 iron right into the cup! Well, maybe not into the cup, but I had no fear of my lower irons. I could also hit my middle irons with consistency. If I was 145 yards out, and needed to catch some good air to stick the green, I knew that my… Continue reading…


golden putter

Would you like to take 6 strokes or more off of your game? The easiest way to achieve that is to learn how to use your putter! Learning how to master your putting game will reduce your level of stress on the course more than anything else. In my opinion, hitting your drive like a gorilla will make you look good, but mastering your game on the green will make you a winner. There is nothing more frustrating that hitting the green in regulation, and then 3 or 4 putting your way to anger! Before… Continue reading…

Fairway Woods

fairway woods

Long, long ago, I could hit my fairway woods better than anyone I know. Sadly, that was a long, long time ago! Back then, if I could get around 200 yards from the green, I was deadly. I had distance and accuracy with my fairways, and more than a few people asked me for help improving theirs. Sadly, as we get older, we lose a little (or a lot!) distance, and we may not be able to hit it as straight as we used to. Even though I’m no longer Mr. Long & Accurate with… Continue reading…

From $50 garage sale clubs to $2,000 or more modern, space age sets, your average modern golfer today is carrying around some serious golfing equipment is his bag. There are dozens of quality golf club manufacturers and brands that are using technology to help us hit the ball farther, and straighter, today than ever before. It’s very possible for us to find the exact club that we need for any situation, and for every style and level of skill. If you go back just 30 years ago, the choices were limited, and the clubs back then would not allow us average golfers to look any good. Thankfully, those days are long gone.

There are so many choices when it comes to golf clubs today that it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. You have to make decisions on all of your clubs: putter, irons, wedges, fairway woods, hybrids and the driver. Even if you find a set of clubs that are perfect for you today, that could easily change in just a few years as you get better, or in some cases worse. As we age, the type of clubs that we need changes. As we developer a faster club speed, our needs changes. In other words, you should never expect to pick one set of clubs that will work for you the rest of your life.

If you want to read all of the articles that we have on golfing clubs on this site, please check out the links located above (the pictures) or the ones in the column to the right hand side of your screen. If you are still reading this, let’s talk about how clubs are made.


“How Are Golf Clubs Made?”

Today’s modern clubs are sophisticated golfing tools that are highly engineered pieces of art. They are designed to give you the equipment you need to get the lowest possible score on the course, even if you are like me and happy to bogey.Today’s prices reflect these modern advancements, as even a single club (the driver) can cost you several hundred dollars, or more. Who is behind the manufacturing of these tools, and how do they make them?

There are many manufacturers of golf clubs today. A partial list of manufacturers are: Adams, Aserta, Ben Hogan, Bettinardi, Bobby Jones, Bridgestone, Callaway, Carbite, Cleveland, Cobra, Curve, Daito, Diamond Touch, Dogleg, Dunlop, Feel, Gauge Design, Golf Research In Play, Hammy Putter, Henry Griffitts, Hippo, Honma, Infiniti, Innovex, Jazz, Kasco, Knight, Komperdell, KZG, Louisville, MacGregor, Maxfli, Miura, Mitsushiba, Mizuno, Nakashima, Never Compromise, Nickent, Nicklaus, Nike, Orlimar, Perfect Club, Ping, Pinnacle, Precept, Prince, Ram, Sonartec, Square Two, Srixon, STX, Super Bermuda, Taylor Made, Thomas, Titleist, Tommy Armour, Top-Flite, Tour Edge, Vulcan, Wilson, and Yonex. Yes sir, there are a lot of golf club manufacturers, and this list is not nearly all of them. Some of them have been gobbled up by bigger companies recently, and others either have, or will, go out of business.

So that leaves us with the question: how do they make the clubs? A full answer would require a few textbooks of information, but here is a brief synopsis.In today’s global economy, the sad fact is that most golf club manufacturing plants are located in China. Even if it is a brand by a United States company, they either contract out the manufacturing process to Chinese companies, or they operate their own plants in China. That’s the truth.

Even if it’s made in China, how do they make them? Ok, the quick version: The majority of all clubs (putters, irons, wedges and fairway woods” are made with a cast. Your expensive drivers and really nice irons are forged. Before any metal is poured it is designed with a CAD. The CAD helps to make a mold. The molds are used to pour a metal in, and this becomes your club head. The heads are taken out of the mold and polished and sandblasted. These are then inspected for quality, and if they pass they are shipped to another plant to be attached to the rest of the club.