You could hit the course in a pair of cut-off jeans, a wife beater shirt, and your thongs on your feet to let your toes catch the breeze. You could also be dressed in a stylish Polo shirt that absorbs moisture, khaki pants that are designed to give when you swing, some modern golfing shoes with spikes to keep your feet planted, and a pair of shades designed to cut down on the glare. Golfers have a choice today to make every part of their clothing a piece of their equipment on the course, and what a beautiful choice that is!

When I was young (and dumb) I didn’t know what golf clothing was. If I even considered it, which I didn’t, I would have thought that golf clothes were just whatever I happened to be wearing that day. My mom would usually drop me off at the closes course on the weekend mornings, as soon as the sun came up. I would hop out of the car in my raggedy old blue jeans, garage sale t-shirt, and whatever hole ridden shoes I had on. If I had a hunting hat, I may have worn it. I didn’t own my first pair of shades until I was in my 20’s. To me, there was no such thing as golfing fashion.

Thankfully, with age comes a bit of wisdom. I would never play nowadays without being properly dressed. For one thing, I believe that times have changed, and it’s now proper and common for golfers to be dressed appropriately. Secondly, I have a little money now, so I can afford to buy a nice pair of slacks, a Polo shirt, my golfing hats, and some nice sunglasses to cut down on the glare. When I was growing up, we just wore whatever clothes momma could afford to buy us from the yard sales, and that was that.

If you want to read some golf clothing reviews and opinions on this site, please look at the links to the various types of clothes located above this in the pictures, and also to the right hand side of the screen in the columns. If you are still reading this, let’s spend a moment talking about the most famous piece of golf clothing in the world- the green Masters jacket.


“The History of the Famous Green Masters Jacket”

Even if you don’t know anything about golfing clothing, or anything about the sport at all, it’s pretty likely that you have at least seen the green Masters tournament jacket that is worn by the winner every year. When I was a kid, I will never forget seeing Jack Nicklaus wearing one. I begged my parents for a green jacket! Where did the tradition come from?  Who gets to wear one? Can they keep the jacket? We’ll briefly answer all of those.

This first green Masters jacket was given to the winner of the tournament in 1949, at least officially. The tradition had actually been going on for many years before that, but 1949 marks the first official year. All of the members of Augusta National (the club that hosts the tournament) actually wear green jackets on the grounds, but the winner of each year’s tournament becomes an honorary member of the club and is presented with the jacket.

The jacket is presented to the winner in a special room inside the clubhouse called the Butler Cabin. This initial presentation of the famous golf jacket initially takes place right after the tournament is completed. It is presented for the second time to the winner just after the Butler Cabin presentation, right near the 18th green, in front of all of the spectators. The tournament winners get to keep their jacket for the first whole year after they win the Masters for the first time. After that year, they will return the jacket to the club, where they are allowed to wear it again whenever they visit.