Are you more of a purist that prefers to walk the course and tote your gear with a push and pull cart? Maybe you’re lazy (like us) and prefer to ride the links in luxury in your custom electric cart, that has plenty of room to store your gear and favorite beverages? Regardless, modern cart technology has dramatically impacted the industry. Your pull cart of thirty years ago, that weighed a ton and fell apart if you dropped it, are gone. Your old, rickety, plain white electric cart of years ago that barely had enough juice to make it through 9 holes, are gone. Modern powered carts today cost more than many cars, and for good reason. Yes sir, your golfer of the 2010’s has a lot of choices to make when it comes to how to get around the course, and how much money he is willing to commit to it!

Personally, I’m a fan of the electric golf cart. Then again, I’m lazy and not too interested in working up a sweat. In my much younger years, I had no bag humping it for 36 holes with barely a break. I had a little pull cart that I used from time to time, but I found it easier to throw my bag over my shoulders and run! Those days are long gone for me (and the rest of our gang), but more power to you walkers. As long as you’re not slowing me down dragging around your little wheeled bag, I’m a big fan.

You can find more information on electric and pull carts on the links located above (the pictures) or in the column to the right of your screen. In the meantime, if you’re still reading this, let’s talk about the many ways that golf carts are used today.


“The Many Uses of Golf Carts”

Be it electrical, gasoline or gas powered golf carts, you can find them in many places today besides the course. Having been originally built to carry us lazy golfers around the links, they are used in so many other ways today.

At sports events, it’s not uncommon at all to see a personalized cart carrying drunk fans around the stadium. A goof friend of ours owns a 6 seater that he has heavily customized to bring to tailgating events at the LSU football stadium. He’s really proud of it too! Besides the awesome fact that he can carry 6 people in it, it also has a fully stocked bar and a charcoal grill attached to it. His cart has a high dollar purple and gold paint job on it, a speaker/radio system that will rival most boom boxes in trucks, and his trailer is customized with a paint job that matches the golf cart. It’s flat out ridiculous! I’ve never asked him how much he spent on it, and he’s never told us, but I’m guessing that he paid more for it than I did on my first house. Using carts to get around crowded sports stadium actually makes a lot of sense. If you are looking for some attention, this is one guaranteed way to get some!

Another common use of carts is to get around apartment complexes. I would bet that at least half of the larger apartment complexes in the United States has at least one golf cart to carry employees, maintenance workers, and visitors around. They’re relatively inexpensive, low on the noise pollution radar, pretty fast, can get in to tight spaces, and they are just great at carrying supplies around. Maybe you haven’t paid attention to it, but I would bet that the next time you go to a apartment complex you will see a bunch of carts zipping around.

Carts are even used at hunting camps and large parks. At our camp we have had one for years. Of course we could get a much more expensive off-road ATV to haul around our supplies, but we love the cart. It’ an electric/battery powered one, and it’s a true workhorse. I believe that we have had the same for for a dozen years, if not more. We use it to carry deer corn, chainsaws, seedlings, and all sorts f tools around. It can be driven off of the road, and you generally don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the mud because it is so light in weight. For those reasons, using a golfing cart for a park is also a practical usage.