If I told you that you could buy a car that was just as good as you’re $40,000 one, but the one I’m selling would only cost you $10,000, would you be interested? If you are shaking your head up and down, then maybe it’s time to look into buying some used golf balls! If you can get the same quality that you are used to, and get them for a fraction of the price, why wouldn’t you? I know that there is a “stigma” against buying anything that is second hand, but lets leave the snobbery off the course and look into some practicality.

Before we review some used golf ball offers that you can buy online, let me tell you a story about how I managed when I was a kid. You have seen those ball grabbers, right? It’s the telescoping stick that you can use to grab your ball out of a ditch or pond. If you consider that a decent one can set you back $2 or better, it makes a lot of good economical sense. Well when I was a kid I did the same thing. The only difference is that I didn’t have a grabber. My routine was to hump it for 18 holes and then cool off by diving into the most difficult pond on the whole course. It was literally littered with used balls of every kind. After maybe 5 minutes I would climb out of the much with several dozen brand new looking balls. I would then walk the course and offer my “like new” goods for donations. I always earned enough to pay for my game and then some. If a kid offered you some great looking used balls wouldn’t you donate a dollar for four of them?

Now let’s take a look at some offers that you can find online. Of course you can always buy a used golf ball from your pro shop or local course, but in my experience nobody can compete with the prices that you can find online. I’m addicted to Amazon in particular, and for good reason! They have the cheapest used balls that I have found anywhere, and their customer service is impossible to beat. So if you need cheap golf balls, I can personally vouch for them.


“Review of the Best Used Golf Ball Deals Online”

99 shag used practice golf balls1-  99 Shag Used Balls: Can you believe that you can buy a total of 99 used balls for practice (or for the course if you’re cheap like me) for only $24? If you combine this purchase with another one for just $11 more, you can even get it shipped to you for free! Now this big bag isn’t full of any particular brand or model. It’s a mixture of brands that are intended to be used for practice. You will find all sorts of brands in the 99 ball mixture. They are all grade AA. Some of them may have a few scuffs and color tints, but who cares at this price? If you’re playing in muddy conditions, or over the water where you know it’s going to splash, nobody will notice the difference anyways. before selling these, the seller washes, cleans and inspects every one.  These are not range balls, but actual ones that are just being recycled back into usage. The best way to think of these is that they are really meant to use for practice. If you need a big bucket of balls to take to the park to train, this is your best/cheapest bet.


used nike golf balls2-  60 Nike AAA+ Used Balls: If you are a fan of Nike balls, why wouldn’t you consider these lightly used ones? This is a mixture of many Nike models such as Juice, Ignite, TI Velocity, Mojo, Crush, Vapor One and others. The best part is that you can get a bag of 60 of these for only around $20! These are AAA+ which means they are in good condition for play. They could have some marks and slight coloring on them, but there’s nothing wrong with playing them. They are intended to be used by us “average” golfers with a high handicap. If you are a professional (or “wanna be pro), these aren’t for you. If you are a normal guy that likes to use the same ball for more than one round, this is your match. Looking at the 40+ reviews online, it was highly praised. Many reviewers even noted that they ended up getting some extra balls. One person claimed that they got 70! If you want some decent used golf balls that are cheap, but still playable, these are great.


callaway warbird used golf balls3-  60 Used Callaway Warbird Balls: I can’t believe these prices, but you can buy 60 of these used Callaway balls for only $30 online. That’s just 50 cents a ball! If you know how much these cost brand new, you realize what a bargain this is. You just don;t find cheap Callaway golf balls! These are in near mint condition, and they are all rated at grade B to AAAA. They could have a little bit of surface wear, but they are all suitable for playing on the course. They’re not dull and faded, and they all have a good gloss and shine to them. Some of them could have logos, but they are not x-outs. Out of the 3 reviews that I found online, all three gave these 5 out of 5 stars. The reviewers noted that they were in great shape, a bargain, and they got exactly what they ordered. This really is a heck of a deal.


used titleist dt solo golf balls4-  60 Titleist DT Solo Used Balls: I’m a big fan of these used Titleist balls. If you know anything about the DT Solo, you know they’re not cheap. You can buy these lightly used ones for just $27 online. That works out to under 50 cents a ball. These are all grade A to AAAAA, so they are highly playable. Unless you are a pro, you can use these on the course and nobody would know that they are not brand new. They are nearly mint and still have a good shine on them. They do not have any x-outs, and they are not range balls. Looking at the reviews I found online, half of the people gave them 4 stars and half gave 5. If you know how picky online reviewers can be you understand that this is really good. All of the reviews said that they got a great deal and that the used golf balls were exactly as listed.


There are many other used balls that we could have reviewed, but these are just some of our favorites. If you want to find the best prices on used balls, we highly recommend that you look online for the best deals.