I’m a huge fan of orange golf balls! I believe in them so strongly that I recently bought a whole case of 144 of them. I did this because it’s just getting harder and harder to find an orange golf ball at the store. To make sure that I don’t run out again, I just went ahead and bought me enough to last for at least a year. Seeing that I usually lose one o two a round (or less when I’m lucky), I should be good to go for the time being. In our next section (below) you can just check out the links that will lead you to online retailers where you can search for the best prices out there. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones in the world right now:

“Review of the Top 10 Orange Golf Balls”

We wanted to share some of the best brands out there, so we spent some time going through reviews and playing with some of these. This list is not in any particular order, but each of them are widely regarded and have very high ratings. We have included some reviews, pricing, and the part number where possible. If you need the current lowest price, just follow the links to the online retailers that can give you current pricing.

nitro maximum distance orange golf balls1- Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball: These orange balls are made by Nitro. They have a to piece construction, and they claim to get you greater distance with your woods, and more control with your design. They also have a titanium core which is supposed to maximize the energy transfer.from your club. Their aerodynamic dimple design is supposed to increase the lift on the ball, meaning that your ball rises instead of being slowed down early in the shot from drag. You can buy these in many different colors including white, yellow and pink, but of course orange is the only color I will ever use! They only cost around $7 online for a pack of 12. The item model # is NMD12OBXC. Out of the 50 reviews for them that I read online, the vast majority were very happy with them. I can tell you that I use the same ones and I really like them.


wilson staff 50 elite orange golf balls2- Wilson Staff Fifty Elite: These Wilson 50 Elite orange balls are really well built, yet they are priced to go at less than half of the price of similarly built balls. They will only cost you around $13 for a pack of 12 (just over a dollar each), and I can tell you that very similar balls sell for $30 and up for a 12 pack. This is true value or the money. They are manufactured by Wilson and very hard to find at brick and mortar stores. I was forced to buy them at Amazon, but I don’t mind because I buy just about everything online now anyways. These are a 50 compression balls, and they are built for true distance. They are also made to last, so you can hit them off of the golf cart path and not worry about them breaking into half. An interesting feature of these is that they tend to stop really well. If you are chipping onto the green, these will likely stop where you hit them to. The item model number is WGWP25800. If you are looking for a low compression orange ball, this is your match. I read over 120 online reviews for them. These 50 compressions by Wilson got an extremely high overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. They were praised for hitting the same distance a hard balls, yet having the soft touch for your close range wedge shots. I actually own some of these as well and can highly recommend them.


bridgestone e6 orange golf balls3- Bridgestone e6: Manufactured by Bridgestone, their new 2013 model e6 orange golf balls are exceptionally well made. It’s hard to get these and your conventional brick and mortar store, but they are readily available online. They will set you back around $22 for a dozen (almost $2 a piece, so this isn’t the type of ball that you want to hit if you know it will be swimming in a lake. The item model number is ESOX6D. It offers a low compression and low spin. This means that the lack of spin will make it go further, especially when you are playing into the wind. The low spin will also help to minimize your left and right turns (hooks and slices). I haven’t gotten the chance to try the e6 by Bridgestone yet, but looking through over 150 reviews for it available online I was impressed. One reviewer remarked that it was just as good as the Pro V1 and Bridgestone B330, yet about half of the price.Another female review claimed that this orange ball gave her greater distance and helped to lessen her occasional slice. Yet another review by a senior player also claimed that it lessened his slice due to the low spin.


volvik crystal 3 piece orange golf balls4- Volvik Crystal 3 Piece: These orange balls made by Volvik are a high quality 3 piece construction. The company touts that 20 LPGA tour players use their orange golf ball, and that they have 37 patents on them. They have a dual core and a soft out layer that gives them the distance provided by hard balls, and the touch given by soft ones. Their high visibility colors also comes on pink, green and yellow. The compression is an 80 and the cover hardness is a 64. The company states that they are built for club swing speeds of 60 to 95 miles per hour. The item model number is 7102, and I found them for sale online for around $30 a dozen ($2.50 a piece). Out of the 16 reviews for the Volvik that I read online, almost every single reviewer game them 5 out of 5 stars. Many claimed that they got much more distance with these, while one person claimed that they consistently added 20 yards to their drive. They also stated that the ball will hold up and not get chipped easily due to the soft outer layer.Of course almost all of the reviews touted the international orange color as being extremely easy to watch your ball in flight and to locate it easily.


nike golf pd orange golf balls5- Nike Golf PD Long Power Distance: Having Nike clubs, I’m a fan of these orange Nike golf balls as well. It features 314 dimple aerodynamics, two piece construction, and a durable cover that will not get chipped so easily. At just $16 or so online for a dozen, the price is right. The product model number is GL0553-801. I have actually owned a few and enjoyed them. Writing this article reminds me that I need to try them again. Looking at the 25 or so available reviews online, they received an overall grade of 4.6 out of 5 stars. This means that the vast majority of reviewers said they were excellent (5 out of 5 stars). As with all orange balls, the reviewers loved how easy they are to spot in flight and find on the ground. As one person mentioned, he can watch his ball all the way down the course, even if it’s a ninety degree slice! One person claimed that he got an extra 10 to 30 yards with them. Many more claimed that their shots were straighter with them.


duck dynasty orange golf balls6- Srixon Duck Dynasty: If you are a fan of the Duck Dynasty television series, you are going to love the orange Duck Dynasty golf balls. You can buy a six pack of them online for around $10 (roughly $1.75 each), so they are very reasonably priced. The color is Blaze Orange, so they will stand out from the crowd on the course. The Robertson family’s picture is on the box, and a little picture of them can be found on the balls themselves. But each ball does have a little Duck Dynasty saying on it as well! Still though, this would make a great gift for any golfer that’s a Robertson family fan. The product number is 193102. I’ve never actually seen them in real life, but I wouldn’t complain if my wife bought me some as a golfing gift. Looking at over twenty reviews online, people apparently like them as they got 4.5 out of 5 stars on average. Most of the reviewers bought them because they are fans of the show. Many said that they want to keep them as a collector’s piece. A few people said that the sayings on them make a great conversation starter.


chromax m1x orange golf balls7- Chromax M1X: These 75 compression orange balls are manufactured by Chromax and designed to give you the ultimate in high visibility. The secret to their visibility is a metallic inner coating. It basically sparkles in the sun, and there’s no way that you can’t see it unless it’s dark outside. The outer cover is transparent so that the metallic coating beneath it shines through. They are designed for lower swing swing speeds like mine. I really like how the outer layer is transparent, and how the metallic coating underneath it reflects the light so well. I can’t imagine an easier to find ball unless it glowed in the dark (think night golfing!).The reason that most of us choose an orange ball is because it’s easy to see and we can tell our ball from the other players’. This one fits that bill better than any other one. While I was looking for reviews online I could only come up with one, which was a bit of a surprise because they are so unique. That reviewer gave it 5 out of 5 stars and said that it was highly visible, as advertised, I will put these on my wish list because I really would like to try them.


callaway supersoft multi-color golf balls8- Callaway Supersoft- If you are a fan of orange golf balls and Callaway, this is your match made from heaven. I found them new online for around $22 for a 12 pack (almost $2 each). The model number is 642065212. Callaway claims that these are the softest balls that they have ever made. At a mere 35 compression, they are ridiculously soft. They also have an extremely low spin which will lead to less slice and a longer distance. The available colors are white, yellow, pink and the multi-color pack which includes the orange ones. The only negative for me is that they don’t offer them in only orange packs. To get any, you have to buy the ones with multiple color balls. I could only find five reviews for these Callaways, but all of them were extremely positive. In fact, only 1 person gave it 4 out of 5 stars, and the rest gave it a 5. One reviewer bragged that these are softer than anything else that he has ever used, and that he could really feel the difference off of the tee and on the greens. I’ve never hit anything with such a low compression. It really makes me want to give them a shot.


nitro eclipse orange yellow golf balls9- Nitro Eclipse: This is one of the strangest golf balls that you will ever see. It’s half yellow and half orange! I’m a big fn of the bright orange side, but I’m really not sure about it being mixed with yellow. If you are going for “noticeable”, this would definitely be it. A 12 pack of them will cost you around $17 online. The model # is NEC12YOPK. I have honestly never seen these in real life, but I guess that the two tone color effect would make them pop out at you. You definitely would not have a problem with getting your ball confused with someone else’s! The handful of reviews that I found for them online were all over the place. While a lot of people loved them, there were a significant number of reviewers that despised them. One person claimed that the very first time he hit one in split in half. It seems that most o the positive reviews are from people that just like th way that they look. One said that they were, “trippy in the air.” The only reason that we are including them in this top 10 list is because we want to buy some just to see how people will react to the strange look.


fl golf crystal orange golf balls10- FL Golf Crystal: You can buy these orange balls online for around $18 for a 12 pack, so they are very reasonably priced. They come in 15 different colors, but you already know our favorite one. They have a 70 compression, so they are soft but not too soft. The simple model number is C-O. Even though we never heard of these before we began preparing for this orange golf balls review, we were surprised to find out just how popular they are. We found around 35 reviews online, and the vast majority of them were very popular. It actually got one of the highest ratings of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Of course most of the reviewers praised how easy they are to spot in the air and on the course. There were also a lot of female reviewers that loved the way that they look. Several people claimed that they gave them a better loft or carry. For less than $20, they are definitely worth checking out.


In my opinion, orange is the perfect color. You can actually see it after you hit it, and it doesn’t blend in with the grass so that you can find where it landed. It’s also easy to spot from a long distance, and it reflects the sunlight really well. Whenever I have run out of them before I tried white and yellow golf balls. I immediately had a nightmare of a time. I couldn’t see the dang things, and my frustration level rose so much that I wanted to quit. Some people think that using orange balls makes you look like a “noob” or amateur, but I really don’t care. I would rather look a little silly and still be able to find my ball on the course!

If you are looking to buy some orange balls, good luck! There was a time when they were everywhere, but those days are over. On my last journey to get some I ended up going to 5 different stores before I found anything! In my opinion, your best bet is to buy them online. You can just save yourself from the hassle and probably end up paying less for them by going online. There are several sites that you can try, but I’m just a big fan of Amazon. Trust me, it’s just so much easier.