exploding golf ballsYou pull your ball out your bag. You place it on the tee. You line up, pause your breath, pull back, blast through the ball with all your mite and…. Bam! The ball literally explodes in front of your face. Are you the master of the universe, or di you just hit a trick/novelty exploding golf ball? If your friends are a bunch of jerks, like mine are (shout out to you Greg!), there’s a good chance that you just fell victim to a great golfing prank.

The first, and only time that I was a victim of the exploding golf ball was around 3 years ago. A group of four of us were having a great Sunday game. The weather was fantastic, we were playing well enough, the beer was flowing, and we were just starting the back 9. I believe we were on hole #10 when my friend Greg told me that I should try his new Nike driver. After we all teed off, Greg said, “Come on George. Give it a shot.” He even teed a ball up for me (hint: the setup!). I gave his new driver a few practice swings, ripped into the ball, and I literally fell backwards as the sucker blew up in front of me. This thing didn’t just “explode”, it disintegrated! Of course Greg and his jerk buddies got a huge kick out of it. I was confused, but after a minute or so I figured it out. They got a big kick out of the prank, and I eventually did too. I have since pulled the same stunt on quite a few people, and it always feels good to get a little revenge for what happened to me.

Before we go over how it actually works, let’s talk about the price. You can buy one of these online for just $1. That’s right a single dollar will get you one of the funniest pranks that you can pull on a golf course! I didn’t believe that you can buy a gag golf ball for just $1 until I saw it myself. I found them on Amazon, and the price was so low that I ordered 20 of them. In fact, I need to order some more eventually because I’m down to 4 or 5.

Let’s talk about how this novelty golf ball works. It looks like a real ball. I’m not saying that you can hand it to a good golfer and that he won’t know the difference, but it’s close enough. If you use the same trick that Greg did to me (and that I now do to others), they won’t think you’re up to anything funny. When you hit it, it bursts into a cloud. The reason it works is because it’s not really a golf ball at all. It’s simple powder that is barely holding itself together. When you hit it, it bursts into the powder as there is no core or outer layer.

You can find these at some online retailers for as much as $5 a piece, but please just trust me and head over to Amazon. They are easily the cheapest source for this really fun prank golf ball. If you don’t get some entertainment out of this gag, I just don’t know what will make you laugh. To see one in action, watch the video below:

Exploding Golf Ball