Picking the best golf balls for 2015, with the highest ratings on the market, is not an easy task. Like most things in life, you have to take the cost into consideration, but in this review of the best golf balls that you can buy in 2015 we scrapped the price as a factor. We have mentioned the cost on every one of them, but their inflated/deflated prices didn’t influence us (but it should influence you unless you are loaded!).

Another important factor to consider is whether we are going for distance or feel. There is has a trend in recent years to gravitate to lower compression balls because they tend to play better on your approach shots and on the green itself. With a low compression, your ball will likely stop quicker and give you more of a “touch” when putting. While driving farther makes us feel like a pro, it’s those close shots that will take away (or add) shots in your game. In other words, who cares if you can drive it 300 yards if you can’t hit the green and average 3 putts?

We considered both of these factors (distance and feel) is this list of the top 10 golf balls in 2015, and a few others. Where possible we have included item model numbers, the lowest price online, and a few reviews to help you make a choice. We may add/deduct to this list throughout the year, so feel free to check back in often.


“The Best Golf Balls In 2015 That Have the Highest Rating”

bridgestone b330 golf balls1- Bridgestone B330: Also included in this grouping are the Bridgestone B330-S, B330-RX and B330-RXS. At roughly $45 a dozen ($almost $4 a ball), they are not cheap! If you are a hacker playing near water hazards, this one is not for you. If you are a low handicap golfer, this may be you best choice on the market. They even have water infused into the core to give it less driver spin. The B330 is the firmest in the group that is built to minimize spin on your drive. The B330-S has the softest feel of the series, and it is made to give you maximum spin on the ball around the greens. The B330-RX gives you more feel near the greens and less spin on the drive. The B330-RXS adds on to the RX by giving you even more control around the green. This Bridgestone series is regarded by many as the premier ball on the market. The reviews for it are outstanding. The only drawback, as previously mention, is the price.


callaway speed regime golf balls2- Callaway Speed Regime: As one of the hottest golf balls that are available in 2015, the Callaway Speed Regime includes the SR1, SR2 and SR3. You can expect to pay around $48 for a dozen, or right at $4 a ball. Each one in this Callaway series has different dimple patterns to match your swing speed. The SR1 is built for us low swing speed players (under 90 mph) and it will add to your lift to give you a longer carry. The SR2 is for your intermediate swing speed golfers (90-105 mph) it has less of an initial drag that the SR1 but more of a lift than you will find with the SR3. The SR3 is the most firm in the series by Callaway, and it is designed for golfers with a club swing speed greater than 105 mph. To many of us, this Callaway Speed Regime series is the top of the line, and considered to be the best ball you can buy in 2015 by many reviewers. We agree with them. This is the highest rated ball on the market today.


nike platinum golf balls3- Nike Platinum: This series includes the Nike RZN Platinum and the Nike RZN Black. They will cost you roughly $46 for a 12 pack, or almost $4 a ball. Both of them have a new core made out of a resin polymer material, and a very soft cover. The RZN Platinum has the softest cover out of the two. It’s designed to produce the most spin, which will give you the most control on your chip/approach shots and putting on the green. The RZN Black has a core with a waffled shape. This will greatly enhance the club energy transfer when you make contact with the ball. In other words, if you are after distance, go with the RZN Black. If you are more concerned with your “feel” shots, choose the RZN Platinum.


srixon z star golf balls4- Srixon: This series has the Srixon Z-Star and the Z-Star XV. These will cost you roughly $36 for a dozen, but I was able to find a better deal online at Amazon. The Z-Star has the lowest compression of the two. It’s made from a 3 piece construction, and it’s cover has a coating on it that will increase the friction so that you have more control on your close/approach shots. The Z-Star XV is built with distance in mind. The cover has a very thin urethane coating that will give you more distance with less drag on the ball. While it is meant for distance, the Z-Star XV also has a special coating to give you better touch/feel on your close shots. The reviews that we went though online for both of these in the Srixon series are excellent, and quite a few give it a higher rating that the Bridgestone B330.


taylormade tour preferred golf balls5- TaylorMade: The Tour Preferred and Tour Preferred X series by TaylorMade is an excellent high-end golf ball. As with most other premium balls, it is not cheap. You can expect to spend around $46 for a dozen of them, or almost $4 per ball. Both of them have multiple mantle layers. The latest improvement on the series is a soft cover made out of urethane. The Tour Preferred is the softest version, so it will give you more control of the ball both on the green and in your approach/wedge shots. The Tour Preferred X is a bit harder. This one is made for low handicap golfers that are more concerned with longer shots. Both handle very well on the green, but the Tour Preferred is just a little bit easier to control as it has better feel.


titleist pro v1 golf balls6- Titleist: This series by Titleist includes the Pro V1and the Pro V1X. It will cost you roughly $48 for 12 balls, or right at $4 a piece. The new Pro V1 is the softest golf ball in the history of the series. It has a three piece construction and is designed to give you a lower flight with your driver. This lower flight translates into more distance. The Pro V1X features a dual core. This version in the series will give your ball a higher flight than the Pro V1. Your iron and approach shots will have a higher angle, and hopefully tend to stick the green a bit better with the Pro V1. The reviews for this series by Titleist are excellent online. Titleist will always have a large following, and they are constantly updating their series to match the competition.


wilson staff fg tour golf balls7- Wilson Staff FG Tour: One of the best golf balls offered in 2015, in my opinion, I am a huge fan of these made by Wilson. Of course they are not inexpensive, as they will cost you about $45 for a dozen (almost $4 a ball). Wilson knew that most modern golfers prefer a softer ball to give them greater control and feel. They used this knowledge to make a ball that has a compression (70 compression) that is 10-25 points lower than most tour balls. It also has a double mantle inside of it to increase the speed. The result is a very well balanced golf ball that gives you the feel that you need, and the distance to get you close. This is a true four piece construction tour ball. It also has a 318 dimple pattern on it to improve the aerodynamics.


maxfli u6 golf balls8- Maxfli: The Maxfli series includes the U/6, U/6LC, and the U/6X. These will cost you around $45 for a dozen, or about $4 a ball. All of them have an amazing six layers: a cover, 4 levels of a mantle and a core. The U/6 is designed for your average swing speed. The U/6LC is a low compression golf ball (hence the “LC”). The U/6X is a long distance ball, as it has the highest compression in the series. The U/6X should only be used by those golfers with the highest swing speeds (100 mph+). Many people assume that Maxfli is going to have inexpensive balls, but this tour edition by them is a surprising change from that. Looking for a review online, they were hard to come by just because these touring balls are not very well known. The few that I could find though gave it a 5 out of 5 star rating. They were all impressed with the feel on the green that it had to offer.


nicklaus black golf balls9- Nicklaus Black: This Nicklaus Black is hands down my favorite golf ball for 2015 just because of the logo. There is a golden bear circled by a black background. It just really stands out from all of the other balls! I’m really not sure why other companies don’t work on their logos a bit like this one. The Nicklaus Black is one of the most expensive tour golf balls as it will cost you around $52 for a dozen of them, or over $4 a piece. It’s made from a three piece construction. It is designed for you low handicap golfers that have a club swing speed of at least 95 miles per hour. Nicklaus is also giving back to humanity with these balls as every purchase of a dozen will be matched with a charitable contribution by his company. Hint: instead of buying them at a brick and mortar store, check out the prices online because I found the same balls for sale on Amazon for just $32!


mystery ball10- We decided to leave this spot open. As 2015 progresses, we want a slot to fill in the best new golf ball in 2015. Instead of simply deleting one of these from the list, we now have a placeholder for the latest and greatest. If you have a recommendation of a ball that deserves this spot, please let us know and we will gladly add it. So let’s hear it. What ball should we add to this list? Are there any high rated balls that deserve it?