Night Golf Balls

led night golf balls

Have you ever played night golf? If you have, you know how fun it is. If you haven’t what are you waiting for? You will need some night golf balls (aka glow balls), your clubs, some friends to keep you from getting scared in the dark, and a whole lot of humility. Seriously, if you have never played golf at night, you need to give it a shot! The most important equipment that you will need to buy in order to play on your course at night is a ball that you can see. With… Continue reading…

Exploding Golf Balls Prank

exploding golf balls

You pull your ball out your bag. You place it on the tee. You line up, pause your breath, pull back, blast through the ball with all your mite and…. Bam! The ball literally explodes in front of your face. Are you the master of the universe, or di you just hit a trick/novelty exploding golf ball? If your friends are a bunch of jerks, like mine are (shout out to you Greg!), there’s a good chance that you just fell victim to a great golfing prank. The first, and only time that I was a… Continue reading…

Best & Highest Rated Golf Balls Of 2015

nike platinum golf balls

Picking the best golf balls for 2015, with the highest ratings on the market, is not an easy task. Like most things in life, you have to take the cost into consideration, but in this review of the best golf balls that you can buy in 2015 we scrapped the price as a factor. We have mentioned the cost on every one of them, but their inflated/deflated prices didn’t influence us (but it should influence you unless you are loaded!). Another important factor to consider is whether we are going for distance or feel. There… Continue reading…

Used Golf Balls

callaway warbird used golf balls

If I told you that you could buy a car that was just as good as you’re $40,000 one, but the one I’m selling would only cost you $10,000, would you be interested? If you are shaking your head up and down, then maybe it’s time to look into buying some used golf balls! If you can get the same quality that you are used to, and get them for a fraction of the price, why wouldn’t you? I know that there is a “stigma” against buying anything that is second hand, but lets leave… Continue reading…

Orange Golf Balls

nitro maximum distance orange golf balls

I’m a huge fan of orange golf balls! I believe in them so strongly that I recently bought a whole case of 144 of them. I did this because it’s just getting harder and harder to find an orange golf ball at the store. To make sure that I don’t run out again, I just went ahead and bought me enough to last for at least a year. Seeing that I usually lose one o two a round (or less when I’m lucky), I should be good to go for the time being. In our… Continue reading…

When your grandpa played the game, he had a ball, and it was the same ball that everyone else had. The modern golfer has thousands of choices to choose from, and all of them are made with technologies that didn’t even exist 50 years ago. Your choices are almost endless. Do you want white, yellow or orange ones? Do you want a golf ball with a soft feel to it? How about one that will help to correct your slice? Maybe you’re a woman that would like a pink one to match your skirt? Perhaps you want on to play a joke on your friend so that when you hit it the ball explodes? The available golf ball options nowadays for us modern golfers is amazing!

We have collected a lot of information on golf balls at for you to look at. We have brand reviews, advice on there to get the best deal, and much more. You can easily find what you are looking for just by using the search feature at the top right corner of your screen. If you are still reading this though, let’s take a minute to explore something that is interesting to us- what’s in the middle of a ball.


“What is Inside of a Golf Ball?”

The outside of golf balls hasn’t really changed much at all in decades. What has changed dramatically in recent years is the interior of them. It turns out that what is on the inside of the ball is actually the most important part, as it can determine how far the ball travels as well as how much control the golfer has over it.

There are two basic types of modern balls. One is called a non-wound because it has a solid core. The other is a wounded one, and it has a rubber or liquid core with strips of rubber wounded around it. Wound balls use to be the standard because they were easier to control, even if they didn’t fly as far down the course. Today, with modern engineering, wound balls are practically obsolete. The new non-wound ones are designed to give you control and to go further than ever.

In the early days of golfing, balls were stuffed with fabrics or goose feathers. Some of these early models would even explode! Today’s non-wound balls are accurate, travel a long ways and are completely safe. They are also safe and not poisonous at all. There is an urban legend that golf balls are filled with a poisonous gas, but it’s just a legend.