Unless you feel like getting soaked by the rain while you’re on the links, it’s a good idea to have an umbrella in your bag. We have taken some time to review the best golf umbrellas on the market in 2015, and to share the results with you. In this review, we weren’t worried about how much they cost. We just wanted to find the best umbrellas that are available, even if they cost way more than most of us would spend. As much as possible though, we looked for the best deals and lowest prices that we could find. We have included the prices that we found online (where basically everything is a lot cheaper), and the model/part numbers where possible. This list is in no particular order.


“Review of the Best Golf Umbrellas in 2015″

Rain Stoppers 68 Inch Oversize Windproof Golf Umbrella1-  Rain Stoppers 68″ Oversize Windproof Golf Umbrella: I found this online for just $17, but you could buy the same one for closer to $50 at a brick and mortar store or pro shop. Yes, there is that much of a difference in pricing between online and regular stores! It comes in many different color options such as: black/white, green, green/white, navy blue/white, red/white, royal blue/white, solid black, solid navy blue and solid royal blue. It has a shaft that is made out of fiberglass and solid ribs. The handle is made out of rubber so that it won’t slip out of your hand. It’s also made from a heavy duty nylon fabric. When you close it the length is 48″. When you hold it, this one is big enough for up to three players to stand underneath it. Our final review: we love it because it’s huge, cheap, comes in a lot of colors, and it’s huge.


Nike Golf Windsheer Lite Umbrella2-  Nike Golf Windsheer Lite Umbrella: This one will also cost you $50 or better at your pro shop, or you can save at least $35 and pay just $15 for it online at a site like Amazon. It’s made to hold up in extreme wind with a double rib design. It has a wind release system that will keep it from inverting in high wind. There is a rubber handle that will prevent it from slipping, and of course you get a big Nike swoosh logo on it. The model number is: WindSheer Lite. The color is a mixture of black, a white logo, and a striped purple. Based solely on looks, our review is that this is the best looking one by ar. If you play with Nike clubs, this is your match.


62 Inch  Gellas by Shedrain Vented Square Golf Umbrella3-  62″ Gellas by Shedrain Vented Square Golf Umbrella: This price is around $30 online, and it’s worth every penny. With over 50 reviews for it that we read online, the vast majority of people gave it 5 out of five stars. It’s huge, the design is amazing, and you will have the best looking umbrella on the course. It comes in many colors such as: navy/lime, black, navy blue, black/white, royal/white, navy/white, and clear/black. My favorite features are that it has a square design and a gel handle. The square design just looks really cool. The gel handle makes it comfortable to hold onto, and it won’t fly out of your hand in a strong wind gust. When you open it you will get a 62″ arc, but when you close it you will see that it’s only 38″ long. The product model number is 4532.


Callaway 64 Inch Double Canopy Umbrella4- Callaway 64″ Double Canopy Umbrella: It’s made by Callaway, so you know this is going to be a high quality golf accessory. The list price is $66, but I found it for sale online for only $20! It pays to shop around a bit before buying any golfing accessory like this. The only available color is black and it has white logos around the edges with “Callaway” and their emblem. Because it has a double canopy the wind can pass through it without it inverting on you. It opens with just one push of a button that “springs” it open. The product model number is UM CG 64IN DOUBLE CANOPY BLK/GRN 13. Out of the 7 reviews for it that I was able to find online, 6 of them gave 5 and 1 gave 4 tars out of 5. They all complimented how well it was made. This is a truly high quality accessory.


Mizuno Golf Tour Umbrella5-  Mizuno Golf Tour Umbrella: The most expensive of our favorites, this one will cost you around $50. The only available colors are black, white or royal blue. It has the “Mizuno” logo on all four sides. The diameter is 64″. It’s also made with a double canopy to allow high wind to pass through it without it inverting. This is the exact one that is used by the Mizuno professional golfers. When you close it the length is 34″. Every review that we could find was very positive with 5 out of 5 stars. They all complimented its looks and design. They also complimented how well the handle on it feels. If you have Mizuno clubs, this would be a great matching addition to your accessories.


SO there you have it. That’s our reviews of our favorite golf umbrellas that are available at your pro shop or online in 2015. What do you think about it? Have we left any golfing umbrellas out? We welcome your opinions!


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