I’ve been collecting golf towel since I was roughly 21 years old. Without trying to do the math, that’s a lot of years. My golf towel collection has actually become pretty impressive. I get one from every new course that I play on, if they have one with the course name and logo on it. If I really like the course, I may get a few extras to share with friends. For daily use, I usually have two towels with my bag. I have one clipped on to it, and another one tucked inside a zippered pouch. I use the one that’s clipped on to wipe my hands/face, and the tucked away one to clean my clubs. In my opinion, this is one of those “must have” golfing accessories that I don’t want to play without, and you probably don’t want to either. I don’t consider my golf bag complete without at least one towel and an umbrella.

We spent some time to come up with a list of our favorite towels for golf that you can purchase right now online. This list includes some of the coolest designs from many golf club brands. We will continue to add to it as we find even better ones, and we welcome your input if you have any that should be included.


“The Best Golf Golf Towels That You Can Buy In 2015 Online”

callaway golf towel1- Callaway 30″ x 20″ Player’s Towel: If you have Callaway equipment in your bag, this is pretty much a must have accessory for you. In my mind, “Callaway” means high quality in golf, and these are no exception. They come in several colors such as: red, black, grey and white. As the name implies, the dimensions are 30″ x 20″. The list price on them is $27, but I found a special online for just $16 a piece. That’s a really good deal. They are absorbent and made from a quality microfiber material. It has a woven loop attachment to easily clip it onto your bag. The color is a solid pattern and there is a black strip running along the edge. Of course it has the Callaway logo on it, and that’s in white. The reviews that I found for it online are very positive, and all of them rated it with 5 stars out of 5.


ping gol towel2- Ping Player’s Towel: The dimensions on it are 41″ x 20″. The color is a mixture of black and white. The Ping logo is very prominent on both ends, and it contrasts with the rest of it. If you own Ping clubs, this would look great on your golfing bag. It also has a loop woven into it to attach easily. The list price is $30, but I found a deal online for just under $20 (yes, it pays to search on the internet). It is made out of 100% cotton and has a great, soft feel to it. Out of the 10 reviews that I read, every single reviewer gave it 5 out of 5 stars. Many complimented its looks, size, and how thick and nice it is. This really is a great accessory for any of you Ping players.


Disney World Mickey Mouse Teeing Off Golf Towel3- Disney World Mickey Mouse Teeing Off Golf Towel: For any of you Disney nuts (hello wife), this one is right up your alley. You can buy it at the pro shop at Disney for around $30, or you can get one off of the internet for only $12. The background color is red. Both ends are in black. The top end says “Disney”, and the bottom end says “Golf”. Mickey Mouse is right in the middle of it decked out in his golfing attire, swinging away at the ball with his driver. He’s smiling, as usual, probably because he knows that he just made a killing on your green fees. It has a metal eyelet with a clip to attach it to your bag. It’s made out of 98% cotton and 2% manmade fiber. It’s exclusive to Disney and sold directly by the theme park company. The online reviews are all positive. One said that this is the perfect golf gift for anyone that loves Mickey Mouse.


nike tri fold golf towel4- Nike Tri-Fold Golf Towel: If you are a Nike club player (like me), this black golfing towel with the white Nike swoosh logo looks great on the bag. It will cost you around $15. It has a metal caribener ring on the end to attach to your bag. The dimensions are 16″ x 24″. It’s made out of 100% cotton fabric. I like how the Nike swoosh logo is embroidered, as it gives it some texture. All of the reviews that I read for it are positive. People brag about how good it looks, the absorbency, and how nice and plush it feels.


football golf towels5- Football Golf Towels: You can get one that is designed with a logo of just about every football team in the country. Just some of the NFL choices includes: Lions, Saints, Ravens, Patriots, Seahawks, Giants, Packers and more. The same goes for most of the major college football teams such as: LSU, Alabama, Texas Tech, Mississippi State, Ohio, and many more. What a cool way to show off your favorite sports team!