It was years before I started using ¬†golf shoe bags, but I’m really not sure why I didn’t get one long ago. The theory behind it is pretty simple. These golf accessories help you contain your shoes and all of the mud, dirt and grass that they get covered with. When you are done with your round, put your shoes in the bag and then place them in your car’s trunk. Instead of your car getting dirty from all of the debris, everything stays in the bag. When you get home you take your shoes out, clean them off, clean out the bag, and then store it with the rest of your golfing gear. Better yet, the bags have ventilation so that your wet and stinky shoes can air out. This is pretty much a “must have” for me, along with my umbrella and ball grabber.

You can buy these at sporting goods stores and your local pro shop. The problem that you will find is a limited selection to choose from, and they can get pretty pricey. I buy just about all of my golfing gear nowadays online. Everything that is made can be bought there while I am sitting on the couch, the prices can be much cheaper, and I don’t have to stand in line at a stupid store! We spent a few moments looking up some of the best deals that we could find online and some reviews, and the following is an example for you to look through:


Black Taylor Made Golf Shoe BagBlack TaylorMade Golf Shoe Bag- It’s black with red accents on the corners. The TaylorMade logo is in white on the front. The zippers have their logo on them. The dimensions 15″ x 10.5″ x 5″. The lowest price I could find this for was $30, but you may be able to find it for less. It’s made out of nylon and it has a rubberized handle. The shoe pocket is padded and it has metal vents on the sides to air your shoes out. If you are using Taylor Made clubs, this is your match at a reasonable price.



Orlimar Golf Shoes BagOrlimar Golf Shoes Bag- This one is solid black with the Orlimar logo on the top of it. There are internal vents to air everything out. The list price on it is $24.00, but I found it on sale for only $16.00. This one also has extra pouches for you to store supplies and maybe your wallet and keys. Compared to most models, this one has a lot of extra room. You could even put an extra shirt in it. Looking at the reviews online, people are using it for much more than golfing. I read several tennis players reviews, and even one girl that used it for her dancing outfit.



Callaway Draw String Shoe BagCallaway Draw String Shoe Bag- This is a very durable bag that is made out of nylon. It’s lite, versatile, and can handle your shoes and then some. The color is black. There is a small Callaway logo in white at the bottom. It has two ventilation ports to air the contents out. I found it for sale online for around $15.00. It has simple drawstrings to close and open it.




Ame & Lulu Canary Signature Golf Shoe BagAme & Lulu Canary Signature Golf Shoe Bag- This one is for the lady golfers, or the guy that wants a lot of attention. It has a bright pattern with blye, yellow and white colors. You can even get matching golf club head covers for it. It will cost you around $47, but my wife says that it’s well worth it. I you have a lady golfer in your life that needs a gift, this would be a perfect choice.