There was a time when I didn’t wear a golf glove. To me, gloves were for wussies. That was a long, long time ago! When I was young (and dumb) I worked outside with my hands a lot. I was mowing yards, cutting grass, chopping wood and doing other similar things. My hands were rough and had multiple layers of calluses. I literally used my hands for hard work every day, so the though of wearing a glove to swing a club seemed silly. These days, I sit behind my desk and push buttons on a keyboard, and that’s about the extent of me working with my hands. Other than a golf ball grabber, in my opinion, a glove is the most important accessory in my bag. I even keep a couple of extras hidden in my shoe bag, just for emergencies.

One of the most common questions is, “What hand am I supposed to wear a golf glove on?” That’s actually a really good question. I have seen some guys wear one on their left hand, others wearing one on their right, and even quite a few people that wear one on both hands (the left and right). So technically speaking, which hand are you supposed to wear a glove on? The answer depends upon whether you are right handed or left handed. If you are right handed, the correct hand to wear a golfing glove on is the left hand. If you are left handed, you should wear it on your right hand. At the end of the day though, it all comes down to what makes you comfortable. Since the purpose of them is to cut down on blisters and calluses, if you feel the need to wear one on a certain hand (or both), then go for it. If your buddies laugh at you, wh cares? If it makes you feel better, and you feel like you will play better, do what you want to do.

Another common question is, “How do I pick the right size?” That’s another good question! Golf glove sizing can be a pain in the butt, especially when you are buying them for a friend as a gift. The available choices are usually Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and even XXL. So how are you supposed to pick out the right size for your hands? Obviously, the best way is to go to a store and try them on. If you end up with one that doesn’t fit you right, it’s really hard t play well, and you will find that you just don’t “feel” the club well. This is especially true in your approach shots and putts. Golf glove fitting can be tricky, as they should end up feeling like a second skin on your hand. They should be pretty tight, so that you really don’t feel them at all. Another exact way to figure out what glove size is right for you is to measure the circumference of your hand around the knuckles. You can then use the chart below to choose the correct sizing. Just remember though that this method is not 100%.

golf glove sizing chart

We really enjoy giving reviews here at Chip For Par, so of course we will share some golf glove reviews. So that we don’t leave the ladies out, we also have a few womens gloves reviews as well. Between the four of us goofballs, we have probably owned better than a hundred pairs over the years. Truth be told, the easiest way to review any glove is just to wear it. If it’s tight, but not so tight that it is making your hand turn blue, it’s good. In other words, the most important factor in rating any glove is the way that it fits. If it’s too tight or loose, you will hate it. If you can barely tell that it’s there, you will love it. Anyways, we came up with this little list of a few brands for you to consider, and we gathered as many reviews as we could find online, along with our own opinions where appropriate.


“Best Golf Gloves In 2015″

Nike Men's Dura Feel VII Golf Glove1-  Nike Men’s Dura Feel VII Golf Glove: It’s hard to argue against one of the most popular and best selling brands in the country. This one is available for left handers, right handers, adults and cadets. The price can be anywhere from $5 to $16, depending upon the size. It’s made from a synthetic leather, and there is a leather patch on the palm. Of course it features the Nike swoosh logo on top. The back of it has perforations so that it “breathes” and sweat doesn’t build up on the inside.It also has spandex in certain spots to allow it to expand and give. While white is the primary color, it does have black trim.Looking at over 100 reviews for this one online, the vast majority give it 4 or 5 stars out of 5. Owning a pair myself I can tell you that I really like them.The biggest selling point is how breathable it is.

TaylorMade Targa Gloves2-  TaylorMade Targa Gloves: The color is a mixture of white and black. I found them on sale at a really good price on Amazon for just $6, but the normal pricing is closer to $20. They are made from a AAA cabretta leather material. They also have inserts made from Lycra which makes them very breathable. The wristband helps to wick moisture to keep your sweat from building up. Even though they are very affordable, this is one of the highest rated golfing glove brands. Looking at more than 50 reviews online, it received a total review rate of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Many reviewers complimented how well they fit on larger size hands (XXL). One person said that he had been using the same one for over 13 rounds, and that it still works like it was new.


Callaway Xtreme 365 Golf Glove3- Callaway Xtreme 365 Golf Glove: These that are made just for you Callaway golfers are available online for $8 to $12, which makes the price just right to me! They are mainly white with black, and of course they feature the Callaway logo on them. They are made from a flexible material called “Opti Flex” so that they give when you need them to. They call it Xtreme because they have advanced engineered materials that are supposed to improve the wicking ability, breathability and flexibility. The cuff is made from a cotton terry material which is soft to the touch and absorbent. With nearly 50 reviews for it available online, it has an overall 4.1 rating. Most reviewers gave it 4 or 5 stars.


Intech Ti-Cabretta Glove4-  Intech Ti-Cabretta Glove: You can get a whole six pack of these for just around $30. The palm side of it is made from a premium cabretta that will stand up to wear and tear. It has Lycra inserts that make it breathe will and very flexible. This is one of the best selling brands of golf gloves on the market. I actually have a whole six pack myself that hasn’t even been opened yet in my shoes bag. With over 280 reviews for them available online, it received an overall rating of 4.2. It really should have a solid 5 rating, but people like to complain.



Nike Golf Women's Tech Xtreme V Golf Glove5- Nike Golf Women’s Tech Xtreme V Golf Glove: I trusted my wife’s opinion on this one. According to her review, this is the best lady’s glove on the market right now in 2015. I think the colors may have influenced her opinion, but who knows. The colors on it are pink, white and violet. It definitely stands out! It has an all leather material across the thumb and palm. The material on the back of the hand and fingers is a much lighter weight so that it breathes well and is flexible. The list price is $17, but we found a cheap special for just $11. Apparently my wife is right because all of the reviewers gave it 5 out of 5 stars.



If you are still concerned with picking out a glove that fits you right, please watch the following sizing/fitting video that may help learn how to fit a glove. Remember there are different ways to measure for one, and even an exact measurement doesn’t necessarily mean that it will fit you right. At the end of the day you just have to get one and try it on.

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