If you have never used a golf ball grabber that is made for your putter, you are killing your back for no reason! This is hands down the greatest golf accessory that has ever been invented. I got my first ball grabber maybe six years ago as a present from my wife. I felt kind of dumb using it at first, but it didn’t take me very long to not care what I look like! Having a bad back (really bad), it hurts to bend over. I can tell you that I wanted to just leave every ball in the cup before I got one of these. Now I don’t have to bend over, and I even help all of my golfing buddies by scooping their balls out of the holes. Before I got one, I was praying that they would help me get mine. I love it!

The way that this golf ball retriever works is pretty simple. There are a few different designs, but they all do the same basic thing. You attach it onto the handle of your putter club. It is made out of rubber and slides right onto the handle. After you sink you 100 foot putt, to get it out of the hole you just flip your putter over, push down on the ball, and then pick it up. It’s amazingly simple to do.

Like I said, there are variations on it. With some models it uses a rubber suction cup. When you push down on the ball your grabber will “suck it up” where it forms a seal so that your ball sticks to the rubber. When you lift it up, the ball will be stuck on it. It’s a good seal, but a simple little pull with your hands releases it. The other version has “claws” that will grab onto the ball. You do the same thing- flip your putter, push down on the ball, lift up and then take it off with your fingers. Instead of it holding on with a suction, the claw version just opens its claws to grab on to your ball. Both versions work great, as I have owned both.

Another reason that these are some of the greatest golfing accessories that have ever been made is that they are really cheap! They are so cheap that it would make a perfect gift for a kid to give his dad, or for you to buy for all of your golf buddies. You can buy these golf ball retrievers for as little as $4 online, depending on the model and the deal you find. You can get them for close to $20 at a lot of pro shops, but as with virtually everything you can find way better prices on the internet.

The following list shoes you some examples of these grabbers/retrievers that you can buy right now on sites like Amazon and eBay. I looked for the best prices that I could find, but understand that prices can vary. This is easily the best cheap golf gift that you are going to find though.


Red Golf Ball Pick Up Grabber Suction Cup1- Red Golf Ball Pick Up Grabber Suction Cup: Yes sir, it fits right onto your putter. This one works off of the simple suction principle, and it will probably last the rest of your life. I have had the same model for years and it just works perfectly. The best deal that I could find for it was on Amazon at just under $5. Isn’t that amazing? A tool that will save your back and change the way that you play the game for less than $5!


Much Buy Black Claw Ball Grabber2- Much Buy Black Claw Ball Grabber: I found this same tool for around $12 at a sporting store. I then looked inline and found it for just under $3! This is the claw version, and the cheapest one at that. It works the same way. You place it on your putter, push down on the ball, and the claws spread out and wrap themselves onto your balls. It’s perfect! At under $3 this is just ridiculous.




Andux Golf Ball Pick Up Tool With 4 Prongs3- Andux Golf Ball Pick Up Tool With 4 Prongs: This is another claw version, but it’s a little different because the claws are four big prongs that completely envelope the ball. It works just like a claw, but the “claw arms” are a lot bigger. It’s a little pricier (relatively speaking), but it’s made really well. Just like the other versions, this one easily attaches to your putter. After using this, you will no longer be straining your back on the course trying to reach down into the cup. At just under $9 online, it’s a winner!