Nike Men's Dura Feel VII Golf Glove

There was a time when I didn’t wear a golf glove. To me, gloves were for wussies. That was a long, long time ago! When I was young (and dumb) I worked outside with my hands a lot. I was mowing yards, cutting grass, chopping wood and doing other similar things. My hands were rough and had multiple layers of calluses. I literally used my hands for hard work every day, so the though of wearing a glove to swing a club seemed silly. These days, I sit behind my desk and push buttons on… Continue reading…

Shoe Bags

Orlimar Golf Shoes Bag

It was years before I started using ¬†golf shoe bags, but I’m really not sure why I didn’t get one long ago. The theory behind it is pretty simple. These golf accessories help you contain your shoes and all of the mud, dirt and grass that they get covered with. When you are done with your round, put your shoes in the bag and then place them in your car’s trunk. Instead of your car getting dirty from all of the debris, everything stays in the bag. When you get home you take your shoes… Continue reading…

Ball Grabber For Putter

Red Golf Ball Pick Up Grabber Suction Cup

If you have never used a golf ball grabber that is made for your putter, you are killing your back for no reason! This is hands down the greatest golf accessory that has ever been invented. I got my first ball grabber maybe six years ago as a present from my wife. I felt kind of dumb using it at first, but it didn’t take me very long to not care what I look like! Having a bad back (really bad), it hurts to bend over. I can tell you that I wanted to just… Continue reading…


ping gol towel

I’ve been collecting golf towel since I was roughly 21 years old. Without trying to do the math, that’s a lot of years. My golf towel collection has actually become pretty impressive. I get one from every new course that I play on, if they have one with the course name and logo on it. If I really like the course, I may get a few extras to share with friends. For daily use, I usually have two towels with my bag. I have one clipped on to it, and another one tucked inside a… Continue reading…


Nike Golf Windsheer Lite Umbrella

Unless you feel like getting soaked by the rain while you’re on the links, it’s a good idea to have an umbrella in your bag. We have taken some time to review the best golf umbrellas on the market in 2015, and to share the results with you. In this review, we weren’t worried about how much they cost. We just wanted to find the best umbrellas that are available, even if they cost way more than most of us would spend. As much as possible though, we looked for the best deals and lowest… Continue reading…

Unless you want to play in medieval fashion, all of us golfers enjoy having modern golf accessories. Where would we be without our ball grabbers, equipment duffle bags, personalized tees, headcovers, umbrellas, towels, and every other accessory that we can find? Why, it would be almost barbaric, wouldn’t it? If you’re like us, and you are truly fanatical about this old game, you are more than willing to gobble up everything that you can find to maybe give you that edge, or to help you knock off just a few strokes on your game. It’s just what we do.

We will do the best we can to cover every type of accessory in the game of golf. If there are new accessories that come on to the scene, we will review them. We will also give you plenty of reviews, find the best deals, and help you figure out some alternatives that work just as well.

One of the most important ones that comes to mind is a glove. Unless you’re a carpenter that uses his hands all day, it’s pretty important to find some gloves. They will help cut down on the blisters and calluses, and help you to keep a better grip on your clubs. The most important aspect of any golf glove is to make sure that it fits you correctly. We will also go over how to make sure that it fits you correctly.

Another piece of equipment that is just as important to some of us is a shoe bag. I’m a big fan of keeping the mud and grass out of my car and trunk. If you are too, then having a dedicated bag to store your shoes in is a really good idea. Another great part of having dedicated bags is that you have a great place to store some other essentials.

One of my favorite accessories is a ball grabber that you place on the putter. I have a bad back, and I’m lazy, so this little gizmo is a miracle to me! Instead of having to bend over to pull my ball out of the hole, I just flip the putter over and use the grabber to “suck” it out of the cup. No more bending over for me!

Another great one is a towel. Just about all of us use golf towels now. They are goof for wiping off your face, hands, balls and clubs. Some of us, like me, have a hole collection of them. I have been collecting a towel from every new course that I play for years. I even carry t least three towels in my bag at all times.

If you’re from a place where it rains all of the time, then having a golf umbrella is another critical accessory that you will need. Where we come from, it is raining just about every other day. Instead of letting it stop our game, we come prepared with an umbrella or two between us.