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What is ChipForPar.com about? This site is a collection of all of the information that we could collect on golfing. We cover the history, products, technology, news, professional players, and everything that you could think of when it comes to golf. Our goal is to make this site your go-to source of information related to the sport that we all love.

Who owns/created this site? A bunch of fanatics/friends. Our group is Tom Stills, George Pearl, Jim Hebert, and Johnathan Wycotte. Between the four of us, we have devoted a full lifetime to the game, and lost enough balls to fill your average pond up. We love the game just as much as anyone, and we are passionate about sharing our opinions.

What is the deal with the site name? You can read more about that on the home page, put here’s a brief synopsis. One of us needed to score a par hole 18 to set a personal record. That person (dummy) screwed up his short chip shot, leaving him not too far off of the green, yet forcing him to sink the chip to break his record. While the rest of us were laughing at his obvious anger, that big dummy hit the ball perfectly and shut us all up as it rolled gently into the hole. He has forever been known as “Chip For Par”, or just “Chip”.

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